Our Transcriptionists



Dictascribe System Solutions, Inc. is staffed with teams of carefully selected transcriptionists who create your documents with a passion for quality. Our transcriptionists are recruited from our industry’s best educational institutions.  They understand the importance of error-free reports and to adhere to strict procedures and norms, resulting in improved quality.





Our Turnaround Time



All transcriptionists’ employed by Dictascribe System Solutions, Inc. are graduates and postgraduates, trained in transcribing and dictations accurately. The dictations received, are transcribed and uploaded within 24-48 hours, guaranteed next business day delivery of all reports. The team understands the need for timely delivery and is committed to work diligently, so as to stick to tight schedules and reduced turnaround times.





Our Reduced Cost



Dictascribe System Solutions, Inc. provides a fully outsourced, exceptionally flexible turnkey transcription services combining unrivaled transcription expertise. The improved quality and reduced Turnaround Time also come with costs, which are guaranteed to be significantly less, compared to the stern competition in this industry.





Our Quality Assurance



We strive to provide the best possible quality, with enhanced, multiple quality assurance procedures.




Dictascribe System Solutions, Inc.
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